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Wir sind da! – Tour Juli 2021 mit T&T Wollner

So happy to be finally on tour again! And even more happy to be on tour with two amazing musicians & great friends: Tabea Wollner and Tobias Wollner (Duo T&T Wollner from Magdeburg) – we are a perfect team!
My first live events with my book „Wir sind da!“ brought us to Synagogue Halle (12.07.), Moses Mendelssohn Academy Halberstadt (13.07.), Marienkirche Stendal (14.07.) and Moritzhof Magdeburg (15.07.) – a big thank you to Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Sachsen-Anhalt for inviting us! More events in autumn …
When you are interested in booking us, please contact the publishing house homunculus verlag!

A3 Plakate komplett_Lesereihe_Uwe-von-Seltmann


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Première of our new documentary „Ratującym – ocaleni“ (“From those you saved“) at Jewish Museum in Warsaw, Wednesday, 4 Feb, 6pm

Zaproszenie 4.02

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The ultimate Yiddish Tango: Shik mir a shtral – שיק מיר אַ שטראַל


Shik mir a shtral
Vos zol balaykhtn mayne vegn
Tsutrayb dem vint, vos er bashevet antkegn
Shik mir di zun, zi zol oystrikenen di trern
Vos yorn fil, zey flisn shtil
Un kenen nit oyfhern …

Send me a ray
To light my path
Drive away the wind that howls in my face
Send the sun to dry my tears
That have flown silently for years
And cannot stop …

(Author unknown, performed by Christian Dawid for our Yiddish film Boris Dorfman – A mentsh)

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„Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh“ at Jewish Culture Festival Krakow

Screening at Galicia Jewish Museum on 1st of July 2014 with special guest Juliusz Handwerker. He is one of the last Yiddish speakers in Krakow, born before the World War II in Lemberg.

A mentsh - Galicia2

A mentsh - Galicia3A mentsh - Galicia


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Let us all together be joyous …

Lomir ale in eynem freylekh zayn – לאָמיר אַלע אין איינעם פריילעך זייַן

Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh: Special Video „Let us all together be joyous …“ – dedicated to Boris Dorfman and our friends in Lemberg/Lviv

אַ האַרציקן דאַנק די פילע יחידים און אינסטיטוציעס אין לעמבערג, וועלכע האָבן אונדז דערמוטיקט און געהאָלפן בײַם שאַפן דעם דאָזיקן פילם

Our heartfelt thanks to the many friends and institutions in Lviv who helped and encouraged us in making this film!

A radically Yiddish Film: Boris Dorfman – A Mentsh
by Uwe & Gabriela von Seltmann
© Apfelstrudel Media Berlin
music by Christian Dawid
film & music edited by Marek Gajczak


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